I'm a Music Major in my first year of the classical guitar performance course. I'm in the market for a better classical than the one I currently own (a $400 Alvarez). I have been looking into Alhambras and love them, playing the 4p, 5p, and 6ps. However a good friend can get me a significant discount on Yamaha guitars since he works for the company. The Yamaha GC31 and GC41 look excellent, but my problem is that there is no dealer in my state where I can try them out anywhere in my state. My question is if you would recommend buying one of these Yamaha guitars at under $1000 with my friends discount, or go with one i have tried out but is not a completely hand made with some laminated wood at a more expensive price?

Also, a side question, Cedar vs. Spruce? My understanding is that Cedar is more forgiving.

Thanks in advance!