I bought a gravity touch phone from a website similar to eBay, when i got the phone in the mail i turned it on and it has a screen lock on it.

I have no idea what the code is, and I'm not being replied back to by the seller (I don't get to see his personal e-mail, the site has a third party provider they use)

The pass-code is between 4 and 8 characters.

I also cannot leave this screen! Some advice has to do with going to contacts, then options, etc - But the only screen i have access to is the lock screen that waits for my pass-code.

I've tried - ''0000'' - ''00000000'' - ''1234'' - ''12345678'' - ''11111111'' with no prevail.

I'm going to end up taking it to a local phone shop and having them do it by adding firmware but i was wondering if maybe someone knew a way to reset it because i don't want to pay a expensive price for it