everything was fine for two years ive had it

found one flasher in metal clip replaced no turn signals
put back org flasher

the whole time my hazard lights work all around car and dash and click sound

i removed one or two rear bulbs and still flashers continue to work so i doubt its a bulb issue as i dont even see a green light or click on my dash when trying left or right on turn signal

dissconnected battery and have checked all fuzes under driver side and also tested fuzes hidden in kick panel on pass side

horn works so horn reley underhood and other underhood relays have nothing to do with this thier all ac blower abs and so on

are there more hidden fuzes somewhere
i mean comeon does my flasher control peice that sticks out just end up going bad for no reason not even intermettitly working i drove all day using turn signals as if it wasnt broken and at no time did the dash light or click i verifyed my brake lights works and headlight and hi beams my turn signal click off when turning wheel as they should i dont really see any reason for this happening today

im afraid i have wireing issues somewhere or a gounding issue somehow i have no clue why or how or i need a tech to take apart my steering colum and redo the switch and harness ?

i cant afford to pay that and that not be it i cant aford to even do that and im afraid to try myself cause i might test point the airbag ?

my buick lesabre 93 doesnt have two flashers does it i cant find another one for the life of me and im hesitant to go replacing all 6 or so bulbs for no reason

no new stereo no carwash latly no nothing that would lead me to say thats what caused it ?

but hazard work fine so wtf im stumped
its a lesabre cant belive i didnt type that

and ps there was a 2nd flasher for real dude its hard as a bitch to find its hidden way above the parking brake assembly under there i had to pop it loose with a screwdriver and even then it took me 5 mins to fandangle the hoee beezy out of there omg im so happy i tested with flasher from what i thought was my 1 and only flasher under the other side
u gotta get ur head underthere lay on ur back to even see this stuff and remove panel plates that are in the way odd one panel screw was a wing nut

i hope this helps other people