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    studfinder's Avatar

    Mercury Sable just started making a noise when I turn that sounds like an...

    ...unbalanced washer rubbing the dryer.? It sounds cyclical, as if it is something that is turning, and rubbing against something. This noise comes from the rear of my vehicle, and usually starts when I make a sharp left-handed turn. This just started, but it was preceded by some other noises I thought were my spare tire bouncing up and down, but now believe were the first affects of the same issue

    Any ideas what it might be? Anything else I should say?



    When I turn left, it starts to make that sound. When I turn right, it would stop it. It continues even as I go straight. "Tie-something" is trying to come to me... Tiebar? I'm not sure.

    $HIT! Cars have shoes?? I thought they had wheels all this time!

    Sorry, I don't know much about cars. I have no idea how to check those myself, so I think I'll look underneath, and have a mechanic look. It'll save me some bucks to have a starting place, so thanks!


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    nick T
    nick T's Avatar
    It may be a rear wheel bearing or that your rims in the back have a loose lug nut and when you turn left it pulls on it and makes it rub on your strut or wheel well, id check that and your spare but it wouldnt make that cyclical noise you were talking about but id check it anyways. Hope it helps, good lck with that.



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