The poem is *The race of Flowers*. I request you the explanation of this poem. With the meaning of one or two lines in detail, the rest could be explained in short,[each verse] according to your convenience. Be careful cause this one is a thought-provoking one

the poem goes like this---
* The trees and the flowers seem running a race,
But none treads down the other;
And neither thinks it his disgrace
To be later than his brother

Yet the pear-tree shouts to the lilac-tree,
'Make haste for the spring is late!"
And the lilac whispers to the chest-nut
(Because he is so great),
'Pray you, great sir, be quick, be quick,
For down below we are blossoming thick!

Then t he chestnut hears, and comes out into bloom,
Whit, or pink, to the tip-top boughs
Oh, why not grow higher, there's plenty of room,
You beautiful tree, with the sky for your house?

Then like music they seem to burst out together,
The little and the big, with a beautiful burst;
The sweeten the Wind, the paint the whether,
And no one remembers which was first.*

I preferably want the meaning of- 'the sring is late'
other question is(you might find it silly): What race are the flowers running? [Answer the given questions with detail keeping in mind it is a poetry comprehension for an 8th-grader]