i received a letter from the EDD saying "In order to have a valid claim, Sec1227 requires that you were paid or earned at-least $1,300 as an employee in 1 quarter during the period from 10/10/10 to 10/08/11 and performed some work; or that you were paid or earned at least $900 as an employee in the quarter of your highest earnings and earned atleast 1.25X your high quarter earnings during the above period and performed some work.
underneath that, were the reasons checked below
D. [X]You did not perform work during the above period

if you believe this determination to be contrary to law or the facts, you may file an appeal withing 20 days from the date of mailing or service of this notice. An appeal may be filed on the enclosed form DE100M. The grounds of reasons for the appeal must be stated on that form.
Any unemployment insurance claim you file will be invalid under section 1277 until 4/2012 at wich time this test will no long apply.
Program Code UI-A

I don't understand this letter at all. I was told that I will be getting UE checks for 2 years(has been 1 year already) or until i have a descent job.
my ue checks are $900 dollars for every 2 weeks
Used to work at a welding place, but got fired.
Haven't been looking for any other jobs because it's very tough to attain one with this economy.
what should I do?
they also gaved me an employment development department appeal form to write an disagreement letter to the department decision for my reasons.
I do not understand any of this at all.
I'm concerned about not receiving my UE checks anymore.
if anyone knows the solution, please, my eyes are wide open for assistance.
Thank you so much.