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    Papito's Avatar

    Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the digital workspace versus the "wet"

    darkroom. How has digital ? imagery changed the medium of photography? What role has the Internet played in the advancement of photography

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    Tim L
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    Lots of questions in there, so I'll tackle them one by one. Obviously the huge advantage of digital photography over traditional darkrooms is "Ctrl-Z" or Undo. Nothing is set in stone in digital if you have good command of your workflow whereas the chemical darkroom process is far more laborious. That being said, traditional darkrooms are more hands on whereas digital has the buffering effect od working indirectly with your photos through the keyboard, mouse and screen.

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    Nova's Avatar
    time conservation - its quicker to to just pop your memory card in a computer - import pics and then edit them - digital cameras come with their own software which is pretty good depending on the camera that you buy (advantage digital)

    Work pride - the rustic pride one has from developing his/her own film and the variations used - being able to say I birthed this picture with my own 2 hands aside from editind a picture and printing it out just seems TOO easy (advantage darkroom)

    megaixels (need I say more ?) advantage digital

    thats all I have - I am not as deep as some

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    www.fotographycourses.com's Avatar

    Re: Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the digital workspace versus the "wet"

    I think digital darkroom is here to stay, as it helps photographers move on with the mainstream of photography. I don't want to label the traditional way of post editing as gone and done with, but personally I am more comfortable with digital editing using my mouse and clicks than to expose myself to them chemicals and spend time in blocking light to enter.



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