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    richard m
    richard m's Avatar

    what would make a metal wheel (bike wheel with out the tire or tube) slide (or

    "drift") on concrete? i just want to make a metal wheel slide any kind of chemical or ANYTHING. money is not an obstacle

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    nathanonih's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    Speed. Also, if you take your weight off that wheel (if you want to slide the back wheel, lean on the handlebars) it will get less traction.

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    Nick B
    Nick B's Avatar
    do you still want to be able to get enough traction for speed before the drift?

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    rowlfe's Avatar
    Your problem is one of how much rubber meets the road. The less contact area, the more likely the loss of traction and hence, sliding sideways. You could try any kind of lubricant, even water. However... The point of contact is SO small there is very little friction to hold to a path and you will as likely slide sideways as simply go forward. This is a bad idea. If you get it to slide sideways as you want, you will have next to NO traction to go forward OR stop. The reason why the contact area is so small is exactly why flanges are on railroad wheels, the tire does not yield to conform to the surface which leaves only the friction from the point of contact for traction. The flanges on a railroad keep the wheels on the track. Take the flanges away and there is nothing to hold the wheel on the rail. Money has nothing to do with the physics of friction at the point of contact between the wheel and the road. Railroads work as the do because each wheel is pulled by only one car when rounding a curve, but all wheels add together when acting in a line which makes the brakes work, with only a little effort from each wheel all working in the same direction.



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