net ionic equation.? Cr(OH)3(s) + 3HNO3(aq) --> Cr(NO3)3(aq) + 3H2O(l)
This is the correct balanced chemical equation.

I have tried entering both:
3OH-(aq) + 3H+(aq) --> 3H2O(l)
3OH-(s) + 3H+(aq) --> 3H2O(l)

But neither are marked correct. Could someone please tell me what is wrong with my answer?
OH-(s) + H+(aq) --> H2O(l)
OH-(aq) + H+(aq) --> H2O(l)
Are also incorrect
Cr(OH)3(s) + 3H+(aq) --> 3H2O(l) + Cr{3+}(aq)
Is apparently the answer... can someone explain why? The Chromium doesn't have a change in charge.