I bought a 1991 Camaro about 5 months ago, and it had an alarm on it. I see nothing indicating who made the alarm, and I lost all contact info with the old owner. Not too long ago the alarm stopped going off aloud, but would indicate a break in on the keypad. The keypad is a silver contraption that looks like a mini cellphone and has a picture of a car. There are wires everywhere for this thing, there is another thing that looks like a mini cellphone, all black, with a button on it, and two blue lights. That was stuck to the inside windsheild, and would flash indicating the alarm was set. Also, to the left of the steering wheel, there is another blue light, and that flashes when the alarm is set too. The problem is that this alarm is preventing my car from starting. Ive tried everything this time and it wont start. The first 20 times or so that it would do this, I was able to get it started again, by a random combination of setting of hitting the lock and unlock button, slamming the doors, etc. The alarm also has some sort of black box, a little smaller than 4x6, and its mounted to the right of the dash, and apparently thats how you adjust the sensitivity. The keypad has a lock button, unlock, a star *, and a picture of a car (aux). My friend tried to find "the brain" of the alarm, and says its not by the petals, the wires appear to go up into the dash somewhere. Do I really have to tear apart my whole dash to find it? I am strapped for $$, and if theres something I can do, to just dismantle it enough to start my car, I want to find out how. Are their wires attached to the ignition I can pull? Or the starter?